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Reconsidering Happiness

Cover of "Reconsidering Happiness"

Sherrie’s novel Reconsidering Happiness is out with University of Nebraska Press as part of their Flyover Fiction series. Find out more about the book.

“I was captivated by Sherrie Flick’s meticulous and intelligent study of Margaret and Vivette, and the men they share. Reconsidering Happiness is a courageously intimate novel about the young women of modern America, their friendships, their betrayals, and their anxious cravings for everything from sex to pastry.”
—Jim Crace, author of Being Dead and The Pesthouse

“Reading Sherrie Flick’s big beautiful Buick of a book is like taking a road-trip through that landscape we call life. It is full of feeling and caring, passion and pain, every page rich with illuminating surprises of timing and grace. My best advice is to drive this book slowly, savoring its passage. So, say your tank is full. The sky is big and blue. You have some heartbroke Hank Williams song on the radio. The road ahead is endless as it points toward that horizon called brave beginnings. Open this wonderful novel. Turn it on. Go.”
—Chuck Kinder, author of Honeymooners: A Cautionary Tale

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